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Thyroid Lab Testing
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What are the most important lab tests for thyroid function?

Your journey towards regaining control of your thyroid function - and living a life with more energy, a higher metabolism, a healthier body weight, and a better outlook on life - begins with having the right information at the start. 

To many people are suffering the symptoms of an undiagnosed thryoid problem.  Or even worse . . . their thyroid condition is poorly managed and they are put on a thyroid medication and told that their lab tests are normal even though they are still suffering with many of the symptoms of a low thyroid problem. 

As a doctor that specializes in Hypothyroidism, and using lab testing and dietary and nutritional therapies to improve low thyroid function, I wanted to share with you what years of experience has proven to me to be the most important lab tests needed to have the correct understanding of your own thryoid function.

Critical Thyroid Lab Tests

Here is the list of the 6 critical thyroid lab tests.  These are the "must haves" to be done on your next lab testing of thyroid function to have confidence your thyroid is truly working well for you, or if your thyroid is still struggling and contributing to the many symptoms caused by a thyroid problem.  Here is your list:

  1. TSH - also referred to as Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. 
  2. Free T4 - this used be determined by a calculation, but now is mostly tested for directly.  Direct testing of Free T4 is more accurate, and you will want to see it listed as a direct test on your lab report.  For example, on the lab report of my patients it will be listed as:  T4, Free (Direct). 
  3. Free T3 - often shown on a lab report under the more technical name of:  Triiodothyronine, Free. 
  4. Reverse T3 -this has an opposing or blocking effect on T3.
  5. TPO - also called Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody - this is one measure of an auto-immune thyroid condition.
  6. Thyroglobulin Antibody - this is another measure of an auto-immune thryoid condition.


Some less critical, but still protentially useful thyroid lab tests would include:

  1. T3 Uptake
  2. Total T4
  3. Total T3


There are other "non-thryoid" lab tests that can also give insight into how your thyroid may be working, or what may be limiting proper thyroid function such as:  immune function, liver function, heavy metal testing, estrogen hormone levels, and more.  We will go into more detail on these "non-thyroid" lab tests at a later date.

TAKING ACTION STEP #1: For now, I strongly recommend writing down the list of the 6 critical thyroid lab tests so that you can request that all 6 of these be done the next time you get lab testing done on your thyroid.

Over the next few weeks I will go into greater detail on each of these lab tests, what it means when they are not in the optimal range, and what action steps you should be thinking about when a lab result is abnormal. 

Be sure to share this information with your friends and family that have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, or are suffering with the symptoms of low thyroid function.  Stay tuned - there is much more information coming soon!

Your partner in Health and Happiness,

Dr. John W. Larson, DC

Clinical Nutrition and Hormone Health Expert



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