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Take Our 7-Day Detox Challenge

The perfect way to reset your health and jump-start your goal to a healthier body weight.  Easy to do for those on-the-go and for those with a busy lifestyle!

After completing the 7-Day Detox Challenge many people report:

  1. Having more energy
  2. Better sleep
  3. Clearer and healthier skin
  4. Better digestive function (regular bowel movements)
  5. Reduced food and sugar cravings
  6. Improvement in blood sugar control
  7. Reduced insulin resistance
  8. Better mood and mental clarity
  9. Reduced pain and inflammation
  10. . . . . and more!

If you are new to our clinic your 7-Day Detox comes with a FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our Functional Medicine doctors after you've completed the 7-Day Detox. 

Please call or email us with any questions:

763-241-5436   service@HealingChoices.com