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New Patient Paperwork

Please note that this new patient questionniare is only needed if you are coming in for a Functional Medicine / Natural Medicine consultaiton.  If you are coming in for a chiropractic appointment then do NOT download and fill out this paperwork.

When coming in to see Dr. Larson or Dr. Dahlseid for your Initial Consultation it can be helpful of you have already completed most of the questionnaires and bring this completed paperwork with you to your initial appointment, or to scan and email the completed paperwork prior to doing a phone and internet consultation.

Please keep in mind that our speciality is to do detailed investigations into a patients body chemistry . . . often using various forms of lab testing . . . to determine what is causing a patient's symptoms or health concerns.  Therefore, these initial questionnaires are also detailed and will likely take you 30 minutes or longer to completed.  The information you provide in these questionnaires will allow us to arrive at a better diagnosis and recommendations that are very specific to your health concerns and your body chemistry.

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