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Fatigue Treatment

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The Many Faces of Fatigue - A Hidden Epidemic

Are you one of the millions of people who feel more tired than you used to?  Recent studies show that up to 15% of people report feeling "very tired" or "exhausted" within the past 3 months, and a much higher percentage report an overall feeling of tiredness or lack of energy.

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that people will communicate to us during an initial consultation at our office . . . and it’s usually one of the first symptoms to improve with the natural therapies that we offer.  Most people will comment that they have less fatigue and more energy within the first month of following our recommendations.

Fatigue is far more complex than simply not getting enough sleep.  In fact, many people will mention that even when they feel like they get a good night’s sleep . . . they still wake-up feeling tired right away in the morning and continue to feel tired the rest of the day.

It is NOT normal to be feeling tired most or all of the time.  It is also NOT normal to be feeling more tired as you get older.  The symptom of fatigue is telling us that something is not working properly in your body.  What makes fatigue so complex is the large number of possible issues or imbalances within the body that could be contributing to your fatigue to include:

Blood Sugar issues                           Toxins in the body                                Food Allergies / Sensitivities
Poor/Low Thyroid Function               Poor Detoxification Systems               Poor Liver / Kidney Function
Electrolyte Imbalances                      Low Iron / Iron Anemia                        Low Magnesium levels
Low Vitamin D levels                         Low B Vitamin levels                           Poor/Low Adrenal Function
Inflammation / Pain                          Chronic Infections                                Stress / Anxiety
Poor Sleep / Insomnia                      Sleep Apnea                                        Side effect of some medications
Depression                                       Digestive Issues                                   And more . . .

The great news is that all of these problems with in the body can easily be identified and fixed . . . with relief of fatigue and a return to more daily energy in a fairly short amount of time.

Here's what one of our patients had to say about her experience:

I've been dealing with fatigue for over 12 years since the birth of my first child.  I always just assumed it was due to poor sleep at times, raising kids, and the stress of work and daily life.  I remember thinking it will get better once my kids get older, but I was still feeling more tired than I should.  I've talked with other doctors about this, did a couple sleep studies, and no one has given me a good answer about what's causing my fatigue or found a way to help me. 

I had good days, but more days where I felt like I could just lay down and sleep for a couple hours in the middle of the day.  I missed having my energy from when I was younger.  It was affecting my life too much, and I was starting to feel depressed.  I heard of Dr. Larson through a friend, so I called for an appointment to meet with him.  I appreciate the time he spent with me to explain that there are over a dozen common reason's why people suffer with fatigue, and most of these can be discovered with simple lab testing and fixed with the right kind of nutritional therapies.  My testing with Dr. Larson show several things were out of balance for me.

After feeling tired for so many years I was beginning to feel like this was how it as going to be for the rest of my life, but Dr. Larson changed all that.  He made it seem so simple based on what we were finding with the lab testing and what we need to do to fix it.  I felt confident in what he was recommending so I got started right away.  I am amazed at how much better I feel now compared to before working with Dr. Larson.  After the first month I was already noticing a big improvement in my energy levels, and things have continued to get better since then.  I feel like I have my life back, and my family and friends tell me that they can see a difference.  I've told several friends about Dr. Larson and they have all been very happy with the help he provided.  I would highly recommend to anyone who is dealing with fatigue or other health problems to give Dr. Larson a call today.  This has been a blessing for me, and I am so grateful for Dr. Larson's help.

Susan C. - Rogers, MN 

Next time you are at work, or school, or in a crowd of people . . . take a look around and know that up to half of the people you see are suffering with a lack of energy . . . and they would tell you they remember having more energy in the past compared to feeling more tired in the present.  These are many faces of fatigue . . . and most of these faces are hiding the fact that they are suffering from fatigue. 

If you are one of the millions of people who are feeling more tired than you used to . . . and you are “tired of feeling tired” . . . then pick-up the phone and schedule a time to talk with Dr. Larson to see how we can help you feel better and have more energy during the day. 

The process we use to help people begins with an initial consultation.  This consultation can either be done in-person at our Elk River office, or from ANY location as a phone / internet consultation if you live too far away to see Dr. Larson in-person.  Dr. Larson will usually recommend blood lab testing or other forms of testing to help identify the causes of your fatigue . . . and the therapy will usually include some nutritional product recommendations and dietary recommendations to balance your body chemistry and fix the causes of your fatigue.

We find that very few doctors understand the many factors that contribute to fatigue.  It takes many years of experience and a more advanced training to identify the causes of fatigue.  We've been helping people improve their fatigue for over 19 years, and the end result is usually more energy, enjoying life more and a better quality of life!  Significant improvement or elimination of fatigue is usually seen in 1-3 months.  We've also seen this same process help people with many other health conditions and symptoms they are struggling with.

Family . . . and friends . . . and hobbies . . . and life in general . . . are a lot more fun when you have the energy to enjoy all the people and things around you.  Stop letting fatigue rob you of having fun and enjoying everything life has to offer.  Call our office today at 763-241-5436 and see how easy it can be to be feeling better! 

Feel free to contact Dr. John Larson or Dr. Jennifer Dahlseid anytime by phone or email:
Phone:  763-241-5436
Email:  service@HealingChoices.com

Be sure to forward this message to others you know who are suffering with Fatigue.  It's time to put an end to feeling tired and bring more fun and enjoyment back into your life.


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