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The 6 Critical Thyroid Lab Tests Free Webinar

This webinar has now been recorded for you to watch anytime it is convenient for you and your schedule. Simply click the picture below to begin watching the recording of a live webinar that was recorded in 2015.

At the end of this webinar recording of "The 6 Critical Thyroid Lab Tests" is a special offer for 50% off an Initial Consultation + a FREE Heavy Metal Screening Test. This special offer was only effective for those that attended the live webinar at the time it was being done, so this offer is no longer available. We hope you enjoyed listening in on this recording of the webinar. Dr. Larson does still offer a FREE 5-10 minute introductory consult to briefly share your health concerns and to make sure Dr. Larson can be of help to you. You can contact Dr. Larson directly at 763-241-5436 for this introductory consultation.