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Chiropractic Care

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Our philosophy to helping people with chiropractic care is quite simple . . . to help you feel better and function better as quickly as I can.  Many people have experienced going to a chiropractor and feeling pressured to go more often, and this may be necessary for those with more serious injuries such as a recent car accident.  But in our approach the goal is to help get you better and back to your life as quickly as possible.  When somebody comes in as a new patient or with a new injury,  We will often recommend a 4 treatment trial of therapy as a starting point. 

Our success is not based on how many times you come in for a chiropractic treatment . . . our success is based on how quickly you get better.  Therefore, it's always our preference to work with patients who are willing to assume some of the responsibility for getting better by following our recommendations for exercises and therapies they can do on their own at home.  We will always give you our recommendation on what we feel will be best for you, but you have all the control and make the final decision on when you come in and how often.  It's a simple approach, and we call it . . . "Chiropractic Care - On Your Terms!"

Does insurance pay for Chiropractic Care with Dr. Larson or Dr. Dahlseid?

We are now in-network providers for nearly all health insurance companies.  For those with no insurance coverage or very high deductible we have a very reasonable fee which covers a full chiropractic treatment and one therapy if needed.  This situation is ideal for those who do not have insurance, have very high deductibles for their health insurance, or when their insurance no longer covers maintenance care.  We have many people that would use their flexible, medical or Health Savings Accounts for our services.

What does it cost to see Dr. Larson or Dr. Dahlseid for a chiropractic treatment?

We've create a very reasonable fee per office visit which includes a full chiropractic treatment and one therapy if needed.  An office is usually a 15 minute appointment - with the very first appointment taking longer - and during your 15 minute appointment we work on whatever problem areas you request and have time for in that appointment.

If you like the idea of receiving "Chiropractic Care - On Your Terms" . . . then be sure to give us a call if you have any other questions or when you are ready to get rid of your pain and have a body that feels better and functions better!  Put our combined  30+ years of experience to work for you and call us today at 763-241-5436.