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Dr John Larson

Welcome to Healing Choices.  My name is Dr. John W. Larson.  I am a natural healthcare doctor with a specialty in lab testing and Therapeutic Nutrition (what some call Functional Medicine), and a special focus on women's health and hormone issues.  I do work with men on their health concerns and issues as well. I currently see patients out of my office in Elk River, Minnesota.  I also consult with many patients around the country via telephone and internet consultations.

My original professional degree is as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  I currently spend much of my time during the week helping and teaching other doctors how to implemment more effective lab testing and clinically effective nutritional therapies into their patient care.  I do still reserve some time each week to work directly with current and new patients who are needing my help to figure out what is causing their fatigue, slow metabolism, weight gain, digestive issues, skin problems, female hormone symptoms, thyroid problems and other body chemistry issues or health issues.

I consult with and help many people locally at my office in the Twin Cities and surrounding regions of Minnesota.  The first step in working with me is to do an initial consultation where I can learn more about you, your symptoms and health concerns, and what kind of help you are looking for.  I do charge a fee for all my consultations.  This fee includes not only the time of our appointment, but I am often doing things on your behalf outside of our appointment time - such as setting up and tracking lab testing, reviewing your file and paperwork, reviewing lab results and creating recommendations, creating a plan that will allow you to see the best results - all this is happening behind the scenes and can sometimes be quite time-consuming but is necessary so that our appointment time can be used most efficiently.  Once my clients understand the time and effort I put into working on their situation . . . combined with my experience and expertise . . . they agree that my fees are very reasonable.

Many people will ask me if my services are covered by insurance.  Some of the lab testing I recommend may be covered by your insurance - depending on your health insurance coverage.  It's not likely that insurance will pay for my appointment fee or service since it is considered a nutritional service and insurances do not pay for nutritional services.  If you have access to a Flexible, Medical or Health Savings Account - this can usually be used to pay for all my services, any testing I recommend, and often even the therapeutic nutritional products I recommend as part of your therapy resulting from a clinical evaluation of your health problems.

More from Dr. Larson

I've been a licensed doctor in the state of Minnesota for over 21 years.  My special interest has always been in the area of body chemistry and how diet and nutrition could be applied in a therapeutic way to improve the many health conditions and symptoms that people suffer with.  I eventually went far above and beyond the normal training of most doctors and became Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition (currently board-eligible).

When I first opened my own private practice in Minnesota . . . I never did advertise the chiropractic care I was trained for at school.  Instead I promoted my specialty in problems with metabolism and weight loss.  I quickly learned that I had to get good at testing and balancing the thyroid using more natural approaches.  It also quickly became clear that for many women . . . their difficulty in losing weight and keeping the weight off was strongly influenced by the balance of their female hormones.

My natural curiosity and desire to help people lead to many years of study and learning from experts around the country about how to accurately test and balance the female hormones using more natural therapies for women of all ages.  I sometimes joke that I spend so much time talking with women about their hormone problems . . . I almost feel like I've personally experienced those problems myself. 

As a male doctor specializing in women's health and hormone issues . . . my female patients often tell me they appreciate the time and attention and care I put into understanding what's going on with their body and being able to help them using a more natural approach.  They often feel they are finally on the right track to learning about what's causing their problems, and what needs to be done to get better and feel healthier once they begin working with me.

Over the years . . . I've had many women seek me out only for my specialty in female hormone health.  I've had the pleasure of consulting with and helping women from all over the country.  Each person I work with is essentially a puzzle, and it's my job to investigate and find what is missing so that we can put the pieces of the puzzle back together . . . so you can be a whole and complete person who is free from symptoms and health issues, and you can have the energy and vitality you want for a long and healthy life.

I feel very fortunate to be able help people in my specialty while doing something I really enjoy, and I hope I get the opportunity to talk with you and learn about your concerns and to see how it is that I can be of help to you.  I'm able to talk with you and help you regardless of where you are located, and the level of service I provide is always confidential and often more personal than what many people get from their current doctors.  I'm always just a phone call or email away.

In addition to my specialty in female health and hormone issues . . . my many years of experience have included helping people with all kinds of health issues using a more natural approach.  If you or a family member is suffering with fatigue, weight gain, slow metabolism, migraines, allergies, skin problems, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, digestive issues or any other symptoms or health problems . . . then it's likely I can help.

Call me today and schedule an initial consultation at 763-241-5436 to see how easy it can be to feel better than you've felt in years!


Dr. John W. Larson, DC

Clinical Nutrition & Hormone Health Expert
Rapid Relief Therapy & Pain Specialist


  • BS in Human Biology - Northwestern College of Chiropractic:  April, 1997
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree - Northwestern College of Chiropractic:  April, 1997


  • Licensed by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners:  April 1997- present
  • Board-Eligible - Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition

Current or Past Memberships & Associations

  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Minnesota Chiropractic Association