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OneTwo Punch for Your Immune System

by Dr. John W. Larson, DC

If you've ever wanted to knock-out colds and viruses from your life and your family's life . . . then this is the article you will want to read. 

Here's the problem:

With two of my own daughters still in elementary school, I've been searching for many years for a solution to prevent myself and my family from getting sick during the school year.  It seems to be unavoidable.  Between my two girls spending much of their week at the "germ factory" (AKA - elementary school), and being around friends or family and others who are occasionally sick during the year . . . it can feel like a losing battle as we try to live and be healthy but still occasionally get taken down several times a year by whatever virus is being passed around for the week.  It's a seasonal frustration as kids miss school days, parents have to use up vacation time or PTO from work to take care of their sick kids or themselves when they end up getting sick, and the missed activities, sports and opportunites from doing the things we enjoy.

Here's the solution:

After many years of my kids getting sick from other sick kids at school, and then me getting sick several times a year from my kids . . . I've now found a simple and easy strategy to stay healthy and I have not been sick even one time since I started doing this.  Even better, my whole family has been heathier even though I was the only one following this protocol (less germs getting passed around the household).  I even had a patient tell me recently that she followed my recommendation and when her family was travelling on vacation every one of her family members got sick except for her and she attributes it to following this strategy and taking these 2 immune boosting nutritional products I recommended to her.

Here are the 2 immune boosting nutritional products:  ImmunoBerry Liquid and ASC 200.

ImmunoBerry Liquid is a combination of ElderBerry extract combined with the extract (or medicinal properties) of certain mushrooms.  Both of these ingredients have been used for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years, but I've never seen them together in the same product until now.  Elderberry is know to be very effective towards boosting your immune system against a viral challenge.  The mushroom extracts are specific towards helping to boost your body's creation of more white blood cells.  White Blood Cells (WBC) are the main cells of your immune system.  Think of them as the good soldiers that are patrolling all the cells and tissues of your body to get rid of the bad soldiers or bad guys (viruses and bacteria).  The side with the most soldiers wins!

ACS 200 is an advanced nano-silver immune support that is more effective than any other silver product available today.  In case this concept is new to you . . . silver was used in anceint times when people living in the same village would all collect their water from the same water source or water well.  It was common to throw a few silver coins into the well and the silver would act as a natural anti-microbial (anti-bacterial) and help keep bad bugs from growing in the water well and contaminating the water.  Silver is still used today in modern medicine for its anti-microbial properties. 

Many natural healthcare providers are familiar with Colloidal Silver and it's use for getting rid of chronic infections in their pateints, but there is a concern that colloidal silver can build-up in the body over time.  The Nano-Silver in the ACS 200 is a game-changer.  With it's much smaller particle size and higher potency it has been found in reserach to be very effective at killing off even some of the nastiest and antibiotic resistant bugs like MRSA, candida and Lyme's bacteria, but the smaller particle size means it won't build-up in the body.  It just leaves the body when your body is done using it.  This is a must-have and we always make sure we have some at home for any little sniffle, we spray it on cuts and scraps, and I even sprayed it in my girls' eyes when there was a hint of pink just to make sure they don't get pink-eye.  It's multi-purpose and can be used anywhere in or on the body very safely.

Here's the protocol you follow with these 2 products - ImmunoBerry and ACS 200:

Here's what you do for daily prevention of colds or viral illness:

Ignore the ACS 200.  Take ONLY the ImmunoBerry Liquid at a dose of 1 dropper-full of the liquid.  It can be anytime of day, and it can be mixed with just 2-4 oz of water or place it into any liquid or beverage you like (and yes - including coffee).  I personally take it every morning and mix it in with my green tea.  While liquid herbal prodcuts have a reputation of not tasting very good . . . this is one of the best tasting liquid herbal products I've ever used.  It's still not going to taste like kool-aid or something else sweet, but it's very tolerable and mixes in well with other beverages.

Here's what you do when you feel a cold or illness coming on:

Maybe you're starting to feel a little scratcy in your throat, or a little more congested, or a little bit of a cough coming on.  Now we need to change gears and hit this hard with our one-two punch strategy.  Start taking the ImmunoBerry Liquid at a dose of 3 full droppers each day.  It can be all at once or spread throughout the day . . . it doesn't matter . . . just get it in your system.  Also begin taking the ACS 200 at a dose of 15 sprays 3-5 times per day.  This one you will want to spread throughout the day, so just keep it with you and take it when you think about it during the day.  The ACS 200 comes in a bottle with a spray pump at the top, and you just spray it directly in your mouth and swallow.  Most often what happens for me is I start to feel something coming on and I'll do 15 sprays in my mouth right before bed, and I wake up the next morning feeling great with no sign of illness.  It's super easy and super effective!  Because you are using the ACS 200 only on an "as needed" basis . . . this product can last you a while.

What to expect:

Based on my own personal experience I feel very confident that following this protocol will greatly reduce the chances of you or your family getting sick during the year.  It's still possible that you may get a cold or illness . . . especially if you have very high stress, don't get enough sleep, don't drink enough water, or of you eat a crappy diet.  But even if you do get sick . . . following this protocol will likely decrease the severity and timeframe of your illness.

How do you get ahold of these 2 powerful immune-boosting product?

We will alwasy have a small quantity of the ImmunoBerry Liquid and ACS 200 at our natural healthcare clinic in Elk River.  Our clinic hours are Mon- Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (additional hours available by appointment only).  The other option is that you can order both of these products from our online store and have them shipped directly to you.  If you purchase them both at the same time then shipping to you is FREE.  Simply go to our website (www.HealingChoices.com) and click on the button for "Online Store".  If it's your first time visiting our online store you will first need to register yourself, and then you can begin shopping for any items you want.  The ImmunoBerry Liquid is product code IBL4Z, and the ACS 200 is product code RNA900.  You can easily find these products in our online store when searching by product name or product code.

What is the cost of these two immune bosting products?

The cost of the ImmunoBerry Liquid is $37.60.  The cost of the ACS 200 is $49.95 (remember this one is taken only as needed so it will likely last you a while).  Keep in mind that if you do get sick you will end up spending your money on decongestants, or cough supressant, or on visits to your medical doctor and medications when things get bad enough . . . plus the lost time from missing work or school.  So the real question is . . . would you rather spend your money on all the problems of getting sick, or spend it on not getting sick in the first place?

If you have any questions about this immune-boosting protocol or any other health questions call us today at Healing Choices of Elk River at 763-241-5436.

December 18, 2018
Team Member

John Larson