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Blood Nutrition Testing

The Comprehensive Blood Nutrition Testing is easily one of the smartest ways to measure the health of your entire body by doing a detailed blood lab testing of your body chemistry.  In this evaluation, we are looking at 70-80 individual items in a single lab testing panel.  We are looking for changes in organ function and any stress or deficiencies that may be causing current symptoms or health problems, or any concerns that may lead to other health problems later in life.

This scientific investigation provides us with lots of information about how your body is functioning and takes out the guesswork for determining what dietary and nutritional recommendations are needed to improve how your body feels and functions using a more natural approach.

Get the Comprehensive Blood Nutrition Testing for less than 10% the cost of doing the same lab testing through your local medical clinic or medical provider.  We've created a special discount arrangement with one of the largest labs in the nation, so if you live near any major city there is likely a location that will work for you to provide your blood samples.

This testing is a great tool to find out how healthy you really are on the inside and to create a baseline of lab testing measurements to compare to future lab tests.  To learn more about the Comprehensive Blood Nutrition Testing and how this detailed blood testing can help you with any health problems, and get you back to feeling better and functioning better using diet and therapeutic nutrition that is very specific to what your body needs, simply click on the red picture to the right.

Feel free to call Dr. Larson or Dr. Dahlseid with questions at 763-241-5436.